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Hey There, Darlings~!

       Welcome to my website/blog! It’s an honest pleasure to have you here. I hope you like it. It took me a long time to get it ready, a whole lot longer than I would have liked, but that’s neither he he nor there.

       I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Aja and I’ve been crafting for as long I could remember. I started out dabbling in sequential art, due to an introduction to Asian culture at a young age. Manga and Anime became a great passion along side Western comics up until recently. (That’s a long, sad~so very sad~ story. So, sorry I won’t be sharing.) I worked hard, for most of my life, studying manga and learning about that art form in general. But, after some time, I began to work on other things.

       When I was seven years old, I sewed for the very first time. My mommy taught me a basic running stitch and I hand sewed a little fleece pillow. I loved it! I went on to learn how to create cloth, for my dollies, and soon for myself. When I wasn’t drawing, playing video games, reading books, watching movies, etc. I was teaching myself how to sew.

       Since I started all of this as a Little~Little, I often made things Little~Little’s would enjoy. Dollies, paper goods- all sorts of playful goodies! When I was ten I made my first ever doll house. To this day I’m insanely proud of that wee cardboard house! After seeing that, my daddy decided was ready to learn shop, and he began teaching me how to work wood. This helped jump-start my DIY way of life.

       My love for antique and vintage clothes was evident from the very start. I love history ( it could be considered an obsession of mine….) It gets to the point where many times I’m told:

  • I’m a sad old soul.
  • I was born into the wrong era.
  • I should teach classes.

       I range from the 1700s to about 1950s. After that things just went mad, so I stay away… My love for lolita fashion  stems from my love of Japanese culture and history. It’s not at all connected to the book; not even a little bit, in case you were wondering.

       I say all of this to say, I’ll be sharing everything I make right here. I hope that you’ll lend me your knowledge, and tips as we go. Thanks for your time!

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