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Why, Hello There~!

       Monday came so much faster than I anticipated. One minute, I was writing in my sewing journal trying to figure out what to blog about, and the next I’m more than half way done with a project I should have finished last spring!

       You may not know me personally, and if you do- and you know me to my very core- than you know that I am the queen of UFO’s. Although, I do prefer to call them WIPs like I do in art {I have a lot of those as well!} that or, PHD’s ‘Projects Half Done’. However, that won’t due either because, sometimes I get beyond or fail to make it to, the half-way point. Just like the project I’m sharing with you today.

How This Dress Started

      This dress started off as a very pretty yard of fabric that was found one random Friday at the local fabric store. I had originally gone looking for some chiffons and knit satins to wrap my hair with, but I couldn’t leave this gorgeous upholstery fabric!!! It was so lovely! It had all these elements that I loved; Navy, lime green, white, soft pastels, flowers. It was lovely, and I was smitten. On top of it being lovely, I got it at an extreme discount. It was $2.50 instead of $35.00 a yard. I have no idea who bought the whole bolt at $35 a yard- clearly they were just as taken as I, but I thank them for leaving me a sliver.

       I had no idea what I was going to make with so little. Originally, I had come up with a skirt. So I cut it and made a horrible mistake- I made it much too big. WoE iS mE! I asked my little sister if she then wanted it, because she could fit it, and she did. But, then there was the issue that made it  difficult to finish- she doesn’t sew. ? And, so that is how this lovely fabric wound up in the mighty large pile of UFOs.

I was inspired to finish by The Monthly Stitch and their newest challenge.

       I‘m not a part of the monthly stitch yet, however, I really wanted to join! I have a whole sewing room that I must clear out as soon as possible, and since I’m a penny-pincher I toss nothing. So, why not just finish. This challenge was made for me and this lovely skirt fail… And, all the projects after. ?

A Breath of Spring

       I‘m calling this Dress, a breath of spring because of the color contrasting. The blacks, whites, and little sports of amazing color make me think of all sorts of things! The death of Winter; the first breath of Spring. A single flower growing in a field of snow. The Black of the Night, and the bright of the day. So, this dress is ‘A Breath of Spring’. Prefect for this weather, don’t you think?

Inspiration board •

My Inspiration Board

       Originally I was thinking a shirtwaist dress, but I thought that the floral print was to grand for a basic shirt dress. So, I went with the Scalloped edges instead. I’ll post the other design sketches in the future, once the dress is complete.


       I didn’t have a pattern that looked anything like this, so I used my drafting skilled and mashed a pattern I had into something else. Not exactly pattern drafting, but the skills do help. The Jacket from this pattern here is what I used for my bodice. It’s a lovely pattern from this sixties that I inherited from my great grandmother ?.


       For the contrasting fabric I chose a black woven Poly-Cotton from my stash. To be completely honest, I have no idea what it truly is. It was given to me and I accepted it with a grand smile, without questions. As you can see, I have a lot of gifted fabrics {This isn’t even all of them! ? Yikes.} the majority of them already UFOs. Every item already has a project planned for it, too.


       As for Notions, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’m thinking I want self- fabric buttons, but I don’t have those on hand at the moment. and my mother suggests I use a zipper instead, but I don’t have one in the right color. Oh dear, I’ll have to figure it out as I go then. So, what do you think? Do you think my little skirt can be saved?

Until Next Time!

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  • Christie says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see how this comes along, I haven’t quite been brave enough to mash up a pattern yet. Sorry for the obvious Q but I just woke up – is a UFO an UnFinishedObject?

    • A. White says:

      Hello, Christie!
      Hey! You’re my first comment just as I was yours! Tee-hee! Pattern mash ups can be scary, especially if you’ve never done one before.
      And, yes, in the online sewing community a “U.F.O.” is an “UnFinished Project” ?

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