Tea is always a good idea

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Tea Is Always a Good Idea

When in doubt, and you don’t know what to do; have a ‘cuppa’.

It’s a staple in my kitchen, because it has so many great uses. I don’t keep juice in the house, and soda isn’t something that we ingest. Therefore, our beverage menu usually looks like: Water & Tea. The best part about the latter is that it can do many things for us physically and mentally. It can have a calming effect; cooling down the body and calming the mind. Or, it can invigorate the body- giving it energy and warmth.

I had a friend whom I love dearly, called me and told me about some things in her life that were bothering her. I listened to her and gave my input when necessary. In the end, she said “I wish we could just sit down and have tea like we used to. I didn’t like tea before, but I do now. It was nice being able to sit and have tea with you…”

I thought to my self, that little infused drink does wonders in my life. It’s never too late, and it’s always a good idea.

Tea is always a good idea

It’s a quick and easy way to care for yourself and others around you. Next time you see a friend, offer them a cup. If ever someone stops by ask if they’d like some. It’s a refreshing way to start or end something, and it lets people know you’re thinking of them.

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