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Sweet Summer Romper/Playsuit

By May 27, 2016Fashion, Journal, Sewing

Hello, Dear~!

       Let me tell you, honey- originally I had no intentions of making a playsuit. It just wasn’t something I thought I needed until I was doing my daily Pinterest scrolling. I saw all these cute rompers every where. They were screaming 40’s and my heart bent for them. So, here we are, making a playsuit.

       I‘ve had this seersucker for the longest. It was a gift from some neighbors years ago. It was in a box of all sorts of interesting fabric {I think most of my fabric is from this box}. I looked through each item and tried to think of what do do- eventually I gave up for the time being and moved on.

IMG_9408       Seersucker can be an expensive fabric, especially when bought in large quantities. I always go to the fabric store to pretend I’m going to buy it. I caress it’s textured surface and dream of all the adorable outfits I could make with it. But, alas! It never makes it out of the building, or into mine. This seersucker was a color I would have never looked at. Why? Because, I favor pastels and other ‘easy on the eyes’ colors. When saw this in my stash I was confused. Mostly, because I had slight neurological issues and it was gingham on seersucker… In black. ?

Picnic Playsuit ♠

       Do you find the term “Playsuit” as odd as I? I always feel uncomfortable having to explain to adults why it’s called a ‘playsuit’. Anyway, I was inspired by a mixture of vintage and modern playsuit/romper looks. {As you can see below}

Gingham-Seersucker-Play-Suit---Front       I decided that it would be better to use all the materials I had on hand and shop for as little as possible. So, I mixed and matched a bit to create this. It’s cute, however I would have preffered this in a baby blue. Oh and the front is a bit of a bore, now that I’ve actually taken a second look at it, but I’m short on fabric so it will have to do. I may add to it, but later when I know I can.

The Plan ♠

IMG_9409       Like the majority of my projects, this is going to be a mash up of patterns. Initially, I was going to go with Vogue 7110 for the shirt, but I encountered a few issues with the pattern, so I got another shirt pattern. This was also too big for me, but had all of the shirt options that I needed, so I just graded it down. I’ll tell you more about that in the next post.

       Until then, please let me know what you think! Have you ever wanted to make a romper? Did you ever get around to it?

Until Next Time~!

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