Showing Gratitude – How to say “Thank you”

Because it’s never too kind or too late to say thank you.

Gratitude is something that I value and respect. It’s not often seen and it’s seldom practiced. As you know, I tend to be socially awkward– I admit. It may not always seem like it, but I am. I don’t really know how to go about doing or saying things around people – which is why I aim to learn. In this installment I’m learning how to say:

Thank you.

I was taught the very basics, but upon studying etiquette there were a few things that they taught that I wasn’t sure how to do. It was new to me. I had heard of doing it- and have recently made friends who do it as well- but I have never done it. One of those things being about writing a thank you card/note. I’m embarrassed to say that this is something I have never done.

The Anatomy of a “Thank You” Card

Not knowing what to say is the most common problem when it comes to write letter. Because of this most of us just don’t do it, or write our “thank you” notes haphazardly. After doing some digging through books and online, I have put together a simple set up:

Address: Standard Dear —–, Formal Dear Mr/Sir/Mrs./Ms, Casual Name.

Open: I just wanted to take some time to thank you…

Acknowledge: The – Name of Item – you gave me…

Explain: It does etc. for me -OR- It is just so lovely ETC.

Gratification: Thank you so much for…

Close: Sincerely, Your Name ETC.

Not too hard, and very easy to customize. You can make it sound more like you just by changing around a few words and adding more to the text. Since this is just a guideline, I encourage you to go ahead and add your own touches. If you don’t you may come across detached and uninterested, which will result in some thinking that your card is not really genuine. We don’t want that!

Other Notes

These are not as important as the note itself, but adds a bit more body and character to your display. I learned this from a variety of books on the matter and complied it here: (Note: These are not at all strict rules. You don’t have to follow them at all if you don’t want to! They’re simply for reference.)

  • Decorative papers are fun to look at and encourage the readers to finish your letters.
  • Try out other ink colors- black and blue are nice, but imagine a love letter written in a soft blue!
  • Perfuming cards is heartwarming. Especially if the recipient is dear to you.
  • Pressed flowers, small trinkets, or a simple bracelet are sweet and unexpected gifts to place in the card.
  • You can add some mailing labels to your cards to encourage the recipient to write you back- some people need a gentle nudge.
  • For more formal letters (to your boss or other more formal occasions) stick to your standards- plain paper, blue or black pen (avoid red), and concise writing.
  • Write clearly- whether your writing script or cursive. You want them to be able to actually read it.
  • If you feel insecure about your hand writing, it’s okay to type it out or have someone else write it for you. I use my typewriter occasionally!

There! A nice little reference for thank you notes and other letters. I will use this as a reference in the future, and if you like you can go ahead and use it to. Next week I intend to put this post to practice.

Until Then!


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