Sew Lolita – Nightgown Sewing: Testing the Pattern

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Sew Lolita – Nightgown Sewing

A New Pattern Tested

Hello, my dear. Recently, I’ve been doing a whole lot of sewing and a decent amount of updating (Haven’t I? I’m quite proud of it!). A few weeks ago I saw a particular Mary Magdalene dress/nightgown that I fell swiftly in love with. I thought a few years ago that I needed some cuter and more functional pajama pieces to go along side my lovely day pieces. Well, this night gown got my brain working , and I drafted a pattern.

Nightgown No. 1


Project Title: Nightgown No. 1
Short Project Description: An ankle length sleep gown with ruffles, “puff” sleeves, and a shirred back detail.
Project Deadline: NONE
Patterns: Again, self-drafted.
Materials Needed: Floral quilting cotton fabric, elastic


sketchIt’s very plain right now, and this is okay. I don’t mind it at all. Personally, I think the plainness really helps everyone transition, and get used to the rather frilly overall look of “Lolita” fashion. Aside from that, the fit is a bit funny in the sleeves, but that’s my fault- not the patterns. I was up sewing it early in the morning (3 am is not a good hour for work, ladies and gents) so I was bound to make a mistake.


The ruffles on my last two projects were a bit lacking in my opinion, and I think it’s because the ruffle ratio was a tad too low. This may sound a bit odd, but the previous items didn’t have ruffles with enough body. I usually use a particular equation when drafting ruffles. My ruffles were 1.75 inches, before so I just made them 2 inches, and this solved the density problem.


I also lined the inside of the bodice in the front. This time, I didn’t pad the inside this time around and I found that the dress didn’t need it. I can wear this comfortably with out any foam or padding; without a bra even! Making this an excellent day dress and night gown.



The lining is a very nice touch in my opinion. I usually don’t line my test garments/toiles or finished garments because:

  1. I don’t wear them
  2. Lining fabric
  3. The outer fabric is soft

But, I really like the polished look that a lined garment has. I’ll have to put more consideration into the lining in the future.


P. S. – I’m sorry if my more recent posts haven’t seemed much like me. I have a new format, and I’m just beginning to get used to it.

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