Sew Lolita – Gingham Bow Top

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Lolita Gingham Bow Top

A sweet looking tank top to add to the wardrobe!

Bows are just the cutest thing in the world to me. I can’t think of a reason why, but I love them! In what we call “Lolita” fashion, bows are a wardrobe staple. On another note, tank tops are an everyday necessity for those of us who live in 90 degree weather. I never once thought of them when I started looking into “Lolita” Fashion. That is until I almost fainted under the beating rays of the sun. 😛

The Gingham Bow Top


Project Title: Pink Gingham Tank Top
Short Project Description: A crop top spaghetti tank with a circular cut out, rounded bow, and ruffles. It also has a shirred back detail.
Project Deadline: None
Patterns: Self-Drafted
Materials Needed: Pastel pink cotton fabric, White cotton lining, elastic, light/medium weight interfacing

Originally I wanted something cozy to sleep in, so this is technically sleepwear. I drafted the pattern and tested it out on this lovely pastel pink gingham that was gifted to me a few years ago, and a soft white cotton. Both of these fabrics were bed sheets at one point, so I’m re-purposing them for the sake of pattern testing. Unfortunately there are only scraps left, so I’ll have to make do with these.


design-sketchI had found this cute blue top on Pinterest. The texture of the shirt makes it look as though it was made out of flannel, but I don’t have anymore of that in stash so, cotton will have to do. The one big difference my finished project has from this top I found, is the shape. At the top of the tank the straps come in towards the center of the chest. To me it looks a bit odd to me, so I may try again in the future. But, I’ll use flannel then.



This was my first time shirring this way. It was very interesting. I could see how it would be useful for medium weight fabric, but not for light. Luckily, that’s what we had here- medium and light weight fabrics. Otherwise, I would’ve done like I usually do and use elastic thread to do the back.



I lined the inside and put padding in the curves of the chest. Not to add to, or enlarge the bust, but to act as a foam bra. This allows me to wear it to sleep or outside without a bra. (It feels so strange writing about this…) It is so soft and plush, but the elastic is quite strong so it is tighter than I would like. Again, this will be avoided next time by using the elastic thread.

The cut out was fun to sew, although I felt I made it much too big. I’ll definitely be reducing it’s size in the future. All in all I think that it is cute. I’m not sure if this counts as a “Lolita” ensemble, but it sure is adorable. The soft color scheme is delightful. I don’t usually wear crop tops outside- especially without something underneath- but I do wear them to bed.

I’d say this pattern was an overall success. Minor adjustments can be made to my liking, and the fit is wonderful.

Until Next Time~!


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