Sew Lolita – The Burgundy Bustle Skirt Project

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Lolita Burgundy Bustle Skirt

A successful skirt design test result

The best part about sewing is that you get to craft your own “Lolita” wardrobe at will- or any wardrobe at that.  Since I’ve only just started wearing my own “Lolita” Fashion, my wardrobe is severely lacking. I plan on changing this over time, but for now lets focus on my first large item. I also posted this to the Sew-Loli sewing forums on LiveJournal. Do take a look at these lovely young ladies work- it remarkable.

The Burgundy Bustle Skirt

Burgundy Lolita skirt with bustles

Project Title: Burgundy Bustles
Short Project Description: A bell shaped skirt with a wrap-around bustle, knife pleats, and ruffles. Considering making detachable bows
Project Deadline: Before Winter (Because winter is coming… (  ¤﹏¤)
Patterns: I had to draft one myself.
Materials Needed: Burgundy twill fabric, elastic

Making the skirt wasn’t too difficult, because I tried testing my ideas on a test skirt. It wasn’t a successful skirt, but I learned a lot sewing it. So, most of the time making it was spent on figuring out how to fit the waistband. I must admit that elastic waistbands are not my favorite thing. I don’t really like the look of them. They lack the sort of elegance that I look for in my sewing. Perhaps I just need to work on them a bit more.

The Sketch:


Burgundy Bustle Skirt SketchI spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I should do the waistband. Initially, I wanted to have a flat couture waistband with a zipper to get in. However, the addition of the bustles made the zipper placement quite difficult. I wanted a very clean look, and a cut on the side of the bustle wouldn’t work in my book. A break in the anatomy would disturb the look on a whole and ruin the aesthetic. And, putting the zipper in the front would never be an option in my book. I already dislike front flies on trousers! So, in the end I decided I needed to do a half elastic waistband.

the-skirt-backThe waistband came out okay in the end- however, I will need to go in and fix it as the elastic slipped out. The fabric might have also been too heavy for this kind of waistband. But, it came out really nicely. It’s unlined, as I didn’t have any fabric to line it with, and I also wanted to take this chance to work on serging. I don’t usually serge my creations, I typically opt for the couture finishes. But, since there has been a growing interest in my sewing capabilities, I wanted to have an item in my portfolio that shows what kind of finish options I have available.

the-skirt-insideOverall, I think the skirt came out really well. The color is a bit bluer than I would like, but this can be changed in the future. Also the petticoat that I have is too small and lightweight for this skirt, so I’ll have to make a new petticoat soon. Until then, thanks for your time!


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