Setting Goals – The Lessons Reaffirmed By My Incredible Great Aunt

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I learned a lot this weekend about setting goals.

We had a sudden trip this weekend and I didn’t post anything Friday for this reason. I was sad that my post wasn’t ready to fly, but I’m so grateful for the time that I got to spend with my family. Initially we had left for a football game- my younger brother plays and my younger sister cheers. We had to go out of state for an away game. Thank God we have family there- and they have enough room for us. They graciously opened up their home to us and even allowed us to stay a day extra.

My Auntie Astounds Me

I can relate to her better than any other aunt in my life. She is a strong and independent woman, and I can respect that. Auntie has already done so much in her lifetime, and still has more to do. She limited herself not, and spent her whole life accomplishing goals. She has done so many things, all very different from the last and chose to do absolutely everything she did with excellence. I love her deeply.

One of the best things I gleaned from her was her ability to do without letting others hinder her. All this she does and with a grace that I can only hope to attain. I realized that, while I do this to a degree, I still allow things to hinder me. And, these things can be anything. However, they usually show themselves to be excuses. I dislike excuses, but I make them so frequently for myself!

I will find that I want to make or do something, but I always go through the dreaded “analysis paralysis”.

It’s a pity and a shame because it could take me weeks to get myself to do the things that I want to do. And, in the end when I finally do it I WISHED that I had done so sooner. Does that happen to you? Do you do this as well?

Stop Over Thinking It! Set A Goal And GO!

This is what my Auntie taught me- the only one who stops me is me. I knew this already. Are you kidding me- that’s fact number one of self-building. However, she extended it for me in particular; Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t because I already know that I can. I’m still floating within the bliss of this realization. I’m excited for the future, although I know not what is in store.

I’ve always been one to verbally tell myself “I want to do… ” But, I’ve only recently been setting goals properly. I’ve started using mood boards, and my planner to keep track of the things that I want to do; the time I want to take to do it,;and the end results that I’m aiming for. She pointed out to me again that I am a very detail oriented person. I like to get all the little details and write them down. For me, I know I’ll do better if I don’t have to try and remember things that I can just write down.

She also pointed out that I forgot how to challenge myself. I do but, I limit the challenge considerably. Why limit myself? Unfortunately, I limit my challenges by distracting myself.

Rid Yourself of Distractions

There are a plethora of things that I distract myself with. My computer is my greatest distraction. It could easily take up 65-75% of my day. When I was in school I was in more books, drawing a lot more, and making no less than three things a day. The computer was just a way for me to get inspiration. Now it is just an attention hog. Good to know.

My dad is a digital planner and always tries to get me into this- I cannot. Especially know that I’ve come to understand how distracted I can get by the bright screen. He doesn’t seem to understand, but that’s okay- I do. I need to understand so that I can make the most of my own time. otherwise, what’s the point?

Finally, my favorite point- the one that I feel isn’t stressed enough.

Set Time Aside

My auntie made this clear to me the other day, during one of our many discussions.

“God has given us time, however we don’t know how much. Thankfully, we can tell ourselves what each minute was designed for. Not doing so, is how we waste time…”

Isn’t that something? I always hear about schedules, routines, agendas, & planners. I love them all. But, the reason why I love them is because they MAKE ME SET MY TIME ASIDE. Something I hear people say is that they don’t have time for this, or no body has time for that- but if we are painfully honest, we know that those are just excuses. They’re terrible excuses that somehow are enough. Tell me, how do you know what you do and don’t have time for if you don’t even allot your time? You don’t know when you wake; you don’t know when you sleep. Don’t have the slightest clue about when to eat or what- you just “go with the flow”. That’s fine, but if you want to get things done- and do so with excellence- than you must control the flow.

Not everything can be controlled- we know that. However, once you get to planning and scheduling your time, you begin to work around things. You give yourself a freedom that most people don’t even understand. It’s hard though. It’s hard to sit down and cycle through every hour of your day and what you’re supposed to be doing within each one. You have a job to work- or a house to maintain. You have people to care for. My mom gets anxiety just trying to write down the things she wants done. I understand.

But, when she’s done, she feels like she can truly rest. Not for the short minute afterwards, but for the next few weeks that this action has cleared up for her.

So, to summarize:

  1. Know what you want to do, and own it
  2. Don’t let others hinder you.
  3. Limit your distractions and keep your goals at the forefront.
  4. Set time aside to do it, and DO IT.

Until Next Time~

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