Planning My Life – My Planner Update & A New Planner

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Planning My Life- My Planner Update & A New Planner

An update after three short months


Three months isn’t really that long to some, but I think it’s about time I did an update on my planning. I stuck with it, and know I want to share what I’ve learned about planning, myself, and my process.

Last time I told you about how I’ve always failed at planning in the past, and how I’ve finally managed to actually do it. It was hard and takes a lot of time, but I did it. Today we are looking into what I Learned, what I Loved, and what I Loathed about this planning session. I got more things done and had more leisure time than ever before once I initiated the new planning process. So, now I feel I’m ready to break it down just a little bit more.

What I Learned, Loved, & Loathed

I learned that I like to list every little thing. On my calendar it’ll just have the category icon and the title of the upcoming event: ❤ (Personal) Self Care @ 8:30 PM. But, in my weekly/daily it would go into detail: ❤  Foot bath, Manicure & Pedicure, Face Mask: Rose, Pore Mask @ 8:30 PM.

I loved that I organized each of my planners both physical and digital. I can look in my small book planner, my calendar software, or my large format wall calendar and it would all look the same. All of my information is distributed evenly and I get reminders on time.

I loathed The fact that I had to throw it all away at the end of the year, because it was voided on January 1st. I don’t like disposable planners. That planner was a sweet blush pink faux leather, and I had to just toss it and turn my back. That makes me feel like I wasted money and time. I know I will always be throwing away the planner inserts, but at least:

  • It gets recycled
  • It looks the way I want
  • I save money

So, to make things easier I’m going to be making planner inserts that work for me. Because, I finally got a ring binder Planner.

Look at My New Planner


It’s cute, it’s classy, and it’s my favorite color (Or, at least one of them). It’s a sweet and simple little ring binder refillable planner by Recollections. It is cute. Isn’t it just darling? And, it matches my other stuff! *Sigh* I am so pleased. The most evident thing that I’ve learned in these last few months is that I plan better when everything is pretty.

Pretty planners are pretty.

I work better when they are. It’s always been this way for me. drawing on things that were mine and covering it in cute things. I refrained from it as a child when it came to things like school note books and composition books. But, that was only because teachers would complain. “Don’t draw on your stuff. That devalues it!” Not wrong, but it’s negative affect lasted, too.

Now, I’m a growing woman and I want Hello Kitty on everything. The more interesting it is the more I will focus on it. I didn’t even know planner decorating was so widely accepted until I searched ‘planner’ on Pinterest one day. All of these adorable planners came up and they made me want to continue my dream of expanding my stationary collection. Have you seen these planners?

So Cute!

So, I have started using cute tapes and thing to decorate. I find lovely quotes (that now appear on the blog) cute pictures, and little stickers to go everywhere. I’m working on it all as you read, and I type. Now, my only problem is that we have a terrible printer. It prints everything so fuzzy and nasty, it makes you not want to print at all. And, the printer practically guzzles down ink! How can it do that and print terribly? It’s a shame.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope your as excited about this planner as I am! Next time we can talk about how I plan on using my cricut machine to make lovely stickers.

Until Next Time~!


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