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Nautical By Nature: Sailor Shorts

By March 11, 2016Fashion, Sewing

Hello, My Dear~!

       Although, ‘nautical’ is not a everyone’s style, it is one of my favorite looks. It encompasses a color that I favor deeply: Navy. Navy Blue. Ahhh… yes- the color of rich comfort for me! Navy, Space Cadet, or Cobalt- What ever name you choose! I love it! But, there is little in my closet to match that love {Agony!} Why don’t we change that?

       Starting with a staple piece: The Sailor Trouser. Don’t you love a man in uniform?! I know I do! But, a ladies ensemble is what I’m looking for. And, most certainly not just to google at- Goodness, no! I would like a pair to prance in, and I’m going to make just that

Nautical By Nature ♠

       The above statement couldn’t be more true! I was raised to long for the beach. I dream of the crash of the waves; I can feel the soft grit of the sand; And, I sense the gentle rocking of the water. It’s true. Every year- time, and time again- I’m struck with longing for it. I go through the ever constant cycle of longing for, loving, and finally leaving the beach knowing the process will continue to repeat itself.



       This year, I am going in style. I am going in a way that will complement my fashionista great grandmother {And, grandmother} and the beach himself. I’m sorry, what was that? You didn’t know the beach was a man? Oh, well he is to me and I do love him so. Oh, yes I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I am, in fact, a mermaid. Hmm, yes – we’ll discuss it later.

Set Sail Shorts ♠

       There were a few things on this Inspiration board that were vital to this piece. The following pins were the main source of my inspiration:

      Doesn’t she just look darling? Aren’t these just the cutest?! And, don’t get me started on the crepe and chiffon fabrics! I adore these looks and wish to look just the same.

The Plan ♠

       There is one small issue that I forgot to mention with this project. I don’t have a pattern, per norm. I don’t buy patterns, unless they’re between the price range: free – $2.00. Sorry, but not sorry. I’d rather just take what I have and create something new; use it as a sloper basically. For this particular instance, I find myself using the only pants pattern I have.

I have a love-hate relationship with this pattern...

       I dislike this patterns art and photo so much. Simplicity patterns could just be worst at times {in my eyes}- well… the newer ones at least. I dislike, NewLook, McCalls, Simplicity- All of those. I try to stick with Vogue, always. I find that they don’t cheat as often… Okay, I’m done ranting. Forgive me.

       Now, I wanted to keep things short, sweet, and to the point, so I’ll discuss the making of these shorts in the next post. I hope to go over my goals and how I came to my construction conclusion, and why I made the decisions I made.

       Have you ever wanted to make something you didn’t have a pattern for? What was you’re solution?

Until Next Time~!

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