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Hello, Hon~!

       Originally, I had planned on making some pants, because well… I only have skinny jeans at the moment {Dreaded Skinny Jeans!!!}. And, I want a more vintage look- VintageLolita sounds quite darling! Anyway, I only remembered purchasing enough denim for a single pair of nice pants. No muslin for a toile or two, and no notions. So, naturally, I put off putting making these. When I finally decided to just do it I found this:

Look at all of this wonderful fabric!

       I chose the navy twill because it was the least expensive {I got them from the remanets bin for $3. Two pieces; 1/2 yard, and 3/4 yard} and I opted to use my half yard scrap. This will be my muslin, per say. I haven’t made a proper pair of pants before, so I know this project will require a muslin.

Start with Simple Sailor Shorts ♠

       Before I began, I did my usual bout of research. {I call it a ’bout’ but I put off making these for months…} I researched trouser fit and drape, construction, and alterations. Then searched high and low for sailor pants, to help create my inspiration board, and to see if there were any tutorials. And, to my surprise there were! However, they were not satisfactory to me. They had the most unusual design feature that I was not a fan of. It bothered me, and I couldn’t get away from it! There were certain features that I wanted but nothing I found matched.

What I found ♠

  • Had the ‘hips’ of the front pant leg separated
  • Often, were not functional
  • Did not look vintage
  • Hung off the hips
  • Had buttons on the pockets

What I wanted ♠

  1. Looked Authentic
  2. Had a high-waist
  3. Had functional Buttons
  4. Full length pants, and shorts

       Am I making any sense right now? In all of the free options I had available to me, there were these odd seams coming from the center-out. It would’ve been fine if I hadn’t seen the covers of all these wonderful vintage patterns. I had some stashed on my Pinterest, and referred to them during this process. Now, I know you can see what I’m talking about! Those seams!! I have some images here to illustrate:


       The actual construction of that opening flap, was so ridiculously important to me. The vintage patterns do not have those seams, therefore I don’t want those seams. I couldn’t find anyone who made them without. I could only google at vintage trousers, and patterns and wish. But, then God struck me with a thought! It wasn’t as diabolical as I had thought it would be.

The Result ♠

Please, excuse the background...

       The final result was spectacular! Don’t you think? It didn’t turn out as bad as I had expected and I walked out of the sewing area with a comfortable, wearable muslin. I’m sorry I don’t have any photo’s of it being worn. It can be hard to just ask people to take a million pictures of you {Yes, I will try and invest in a decent tripod, but everyone that I’ve owned… Destroyed, some how}.



       I created the shorts to sit at my natural waist. I prefer for everything to sit at my natural waist. I feel more comfortable that way. No worrying about a sudden lack of poise when bending ones legs. I am shocked by the seemingly nationwide cultural acceptance of the dreaded ‘plumbers crack’. This helps prevent that. Well, this and a few staple lessons in poise…



       Pockets were also a very important part of the arrangement, as I actually use those. However, I didn’t have enough fabric for four pockets, and it would have seemed a bit odd. I’ll try for next time, but this single back pocket is darling. Plus… I’m smitten with those back darts. I love the way it curves my derrière {Uncontrollable blushing commences}. Anywho, I’m very pleased with it!

Next Time ♠

• Bring the back down. • Take in hips a bit more • Work on hem
• Increase the waist band by 1cm • Consider attaching inner fly ‘flaps’ •Bag line, if lining at all
• Have ALL supply before starting • Increase width of pocket hole • Consider pockets first

       Have you ever made or dreamed of making sailor shorts? Did you use a pattern or tutorial? If ‘yes’, what patterns/tutorials, and how did it turn out?

Until Next Time~!

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