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My Very Own Bedroom

By June 29, 2016Interior Design

Hello, Dolly~!

       Do you have siblings? Did you ever have to share a room with them? The whole of my youth I shared a room, and most of that time I enjoyed it. As I got older however, it got to be a bit more difficult. Dear mother suggested a while ago that I move in to the “playroom” next door. And, now as I write this up I’m sitting here in my new room.

       My parents were moving me for reasons regarding my health, which at the time was declining. My younger sisters like to sleep with lights on, which does absolutely no good to the fatigued mind. I will sit up all night if there are lights on or, dream lucidly. I don’t quite enjoy dreaming, {only on occasion- Kpop related dreams are wonderful ?} because if I dream then I wake up tired. And, no one enjoys waking up tired.

Pick a Paint ♠

       I had a difficult time picking a color for my room. The room I shared, I had painted blue, which did an amazing job of helping my relax and sleep {can you tell that I center my decorating decisions around sleep?}. But, when my mom asked me what color I wanted I blurted out: French Pink. I loved the idea of blush walls! But- what about my other favorite colors? What about mint green? Sea foam?! Tiffany?!? Robins Egg?!?! It was a serious struggle, but in the end I went with blush, because 85% of the house was a form of blue.

       Picking a paint was a challenge. We started with Glidden paint which we were getting from Walmart {I would just like to point out that this was not my idea} . I started with the color ‘Almost Pink’ for my walls, however it came up too light. Like, it was white with a whitewashed pink glaze. I then chose the color ‘Barely Blush’ for my walls. I feel the name should be changed to ‘Non-Existent Blush’ as it literally came up white. I don’t know. Maybe it truly was a fault of the mixer. Who knows?

       After a few failed attempts to get the right color {and a broken big toe} , I convinced my parents to take me to Lowes. I wasn’t even going for my room- I was going to pick up paint for Lady S’s poster. She asked for a specific color- it was a lovely one too- but the brand was Valspar and I only knew to get that from Lowes. So, off to Lowes I went, and found the color of my dreams:

Pink Breeze ♠

       This was not an easy decision to make! There were so many soft pinks, and so many lovely tones- I could have died. I sampled each of the colors I liked and eventually went with this darling color you see here.







       As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of work that needed to be done. There are some tricky colors on the walls and a great many holes. I’ve never had to plaster a hole before this, but I have a feeling that by the time I’m done I’ll be a seasoned pro. Aside from all of that, can we please take a minute to just love on that Yellow and mint wall there? These are my two favorite walls and I don’t quite wish to part with them…

       Well, that’s all for today, I hope you liked my choice of color. I hope to post some inspiration I have set aside for the room. It’s going to be a lovely shabby chic dwelling.

Until Next Time~!

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