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Hello, Sweet Pea~!

       I made socks. My first ever pair of me socks, for me. Isn’t that darling? They’re quite horrid, actually- the socks. Yes, they’re a mess. They have holes and it makes it all look quite miserable. ? but that’s fine for now. I also don’t like to color as it doesn’t suit my taste or style, but they’re still mine and I still adore them.

       My dear mommy bought this yarn years ago when she first learned how to knit. She stocked up an a whole assortment of different fibers and colors- mostly jewel tones and masculine neutrals. I think she chose these colors because: A.) She really likes jewel tones, such as maroons, grays, and forest greens. B.) She was carrying my fifth sibling who was to be a boy, so she aimed for masculine, and dark colors. And, lastly, she planned on knitting for daddy.

Basic Ankle Socks ♠

       I chose to go with two-at-a-time toe up socks for a couple of reasons:

  1. I hate using DPNs.
  2. I don’t like toe seams at all.
  3. I suffer miserably from ‘Second Sock Syndrome’
  4. I wanted socks yesterday. As in, I needed socks, and I needed them that minute.


       Although, it still took me a while to knit I got it done in 5 days. Which is the fastest I’ve ever knit anything for myself. I think I could’ve knit it in 3, considering how quickly I was going at it, and how simple the whole ordeal was for me. This was my first ever finished pair of socks, my first time knitting toe up, my first time knitting two at a time, and my first time casting off the same week. That’s an excellent list of successes in my book~!

The Socks ♠

Off Feet       These were very comfortable, but difficult to get used to. I haven’t blocked them yet, but I have worn them out. It just gently held my feet, as socks should, however, I felt these did so spectacularly. I made them ankle socks, because I was pressed for time {You know how you have to explain things visually? I had to do that with these, because the only person who saw socks was me}. I still feel like I made it a bit short on my heel, but I’ll just continue working on it till I get it right.

Socks On Feet 

       Have you ever made socks? Any advice for a fellow knitress in training? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you all and learn more about the sock making process.

Until Next Time~!

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