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Hello, Sweet Pea~!

       I‘ve been the busiest little bee, ever. Period. Because of this I haven’t been able to share all the fun things I’ve been up to! This week, I finally finished a wood poster for a dear friend. She asked for this so long ago I just feel like dirt handing it to her so late! This darling friend of ours, whom I will call Lady S, was having her very first sweet pea. {isn’t that exciting?! I love wee bairn} She wanted this poster for his room.

From pumpkinspeoniesandperfection.com

The inspiration for Lady S’s Poster. It’s a wee bit smaller than what she wants.

       Lady S, found this lovely poster via Pinterest. Unfortunately, this specific poster is no longer available from the original designers/makers. She initially was going to buy a similar looking poster- Ikea made it I was told. It was a picture of a map on wood that was printed on canvas. That canvas was expensive. My dear father told her that I could make something similar- and out of wood, at that- so she kindly commissioned me to create it. I had no idea I was even going to start this project until he came home one day and told me.

Making the Sign ♠


       I really wanted this to be what she wanted. I wanted it to look exactly like what she imagined if not better, so I started with basic questions. I asked for colors, sizes, preferences, etc. Then got straight to work. Gathering the material took the longest. This I feel was because this was my first time ever making a wood poster. I had to look into the wood, and methods for putting it together- the whole nine yards. I did do some online research, but nothing really helped. Everyone did it differently.

Adding some texture with screws and hammers

Adding some texture with screws and hammers

       Naturally, I “winged” it. I started with measuring and cutting the wood. She wanted a poster that was 4ft wide and 3ft tall. That’s a strikingly large poster! So, using the miter saw I cut everything to length. Then I took the bundle of wood to the backyard and started terrorizing it all with nails, hammers, chains, and rocks. This part was great fun and an excellent stress reliever.


       Once that was done I used the wonderful little Kreg Jig to put the boards together. This is where things got odd. I did all this with the instructions of my father. I put the wood together with all the nails going in one way. He said that this should be fine, and so I left it be- but, this poster was wobbly and would bend. It worried me, and I knew something wasn’t right. But, seeing that my dad said it was fine I left it.


Look at all those lovely little dents and dings~!

       Well, guess what happened a few days after I stained it and got it looking all pretty? It fell over and snapped. *que epic score of agony and pain*I wasn’t too upset actually. I was however, yielded. I wanted to finish it before the imaginary deadline {She never gave me one so, I made a few and missed ALL of them…}! So, lesson learned.

       Darling, Lady S wasn’t sure if she should go with a dark stain or a light one. She said that her sweet pea’s walls were going to be a soft gray, so she instructed me to go with my gut on this one. My gut chose a dark stain. Let me tell you- I was terrified of this part. I don’t like working with stains. They have a mind of their own and let you know immediately! I had to use a paint brush, but throw it away when I was done. I don’t like tossing paint brushes. Anyway, I mixed three different stains to get this end result. I personally love it.


       So, I made a decent amount of progress- that is, after I stopped waiting for help. ? I was waiting for my Dad to teach me how to use the power tools. In the end I just learned a bit online and had my mom and YouTube teach me. Next I intend on sharing with you the rest of this story. It’s a long one and there is much that happened, so stick around!

Until Next Time~!

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