Planning My Life – Learning How to Plan

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Planning My Life – Learning How to Plan

Wanting to experience the freedom of discipline

I had this planner all year, starting in December of  2015. Dear mother got me an entire set:a disposable annual planner; a large format wall planner; and a mint traditional college ruled note book (my best friend had the same notebook~! ❤) all in a complementing color scheme. It was lovely! I used it pretty well for a while, but not as well as I would have liked. It was still difficult to plan things and stick to it.

Dreaming was getting me nowhere

Unfortunately, you need to do more than just want to plan and be organized. I figured that if I just tried hard and long for it enough it would happen. Ladies and gentlemen, that is one of the biggest lies ever. I went years with this mentality, thinking that I was doing something! Oh, how much time I’ve wasted! Looking at the bright side; I’ve learned this young so I can pick up on this faster.

I started in the summer looking into other peoples planners and seeing how they went about things. The problem was more getting started than anything. I tried different methods and with every single one, I ended up slugging through the week unorganized. Until I found these two excellent sources:

  • Fly LadyMy mother did this years ago and she did it for years until she was overwhelmed and dropped the ball.
  • Marie Kondo – Her books were excellent. My understanding of Japanese history and culture helped me to better understand what it was that she was really trying to explain.

Their content really helped me think through a lot of m problems and organize a great deal of things physically. I hope to apply it to everything around me. My room, my work, my crafts- everything!

This past October, I stumbled upon the darling blog A Bowl Full of Lemons by Ms. Toni H. I don’t know why but after seeing how she organized her planner, I was enlightened. I knew exactly what my planner was missing: Organization. Isn’t that just funny? I just needed to color code everything. Simple as that. Then I was off to a new organized start. All my life I’ve wanted to be organized and knew I should be- but had no idea where to start.

An organized plan to get me planning

It sounds silly, I know, but I really have a hard time getting around without planning everything. Things that I know could’ve been planned better and in advance, stress me out. Please, don’t misunderstand, I can get around without a plan- I do almost everyday- I just don’t like to. It’s stressful. So, having a plan I can follow helps keep me from going insane. Which is why I planned out my planner.

In October, I organized pens and highlighters into subjects and spread my daily plan out in a way that makes sense. Then I went through the next two months and listed what events were coming up. I did this with every subject. After that I went into my weekly view and added more detail to the upcoming events.

I still have to figure out how to plan my cooking, but I feel that with Dear Fathers new “sous vide” cooking methods, and my special diet it won’t belong before I have a plan. I’ll give you an update at the end of the year on how my planning

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