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       I‘ve never opened with that one before~! Isn’t that a little something?Anyway, I figured that since it’s growing warmer & I’m making a sugary sweet pair of sailor shorts, I should work on my lovely floppy hat. I have a strong passion for hats. Derby hats, cloche hats, Golfer Caps- You name it. I have an admiration for coverings, they’re just lovely! So, I started my hat collection with my summer time favorite: A Floppy hat! I wore that prized piece out like a child with a blankie. I wore it up until it was mercilessly sat upon, by a sibling. {Accidentally, of course!}

       My wonderful hat was ruined. Woe is me, that poor hat of mine would be worn no longer. But, I figured that there was some way I could fix it. Shouldn’t there? There is a way to fix everything else. So, I began my search on how to fix my hat. I found very little information at first. But, I eventually found the answer… {Which you won’t believe by the way!}

How to Stiffen a Floppy Hat ♠

How To Stiffen a Floppy Hat

       Milliners use a specific product and system for hat stiffening. I’ve found that some use natural shellac, like we shoemakers use for shoes. Others use a specialty store-bought item, whose name I cannot remember. We non-milliners use… Heavy Duty Spray Starch {That’s right!}. Isn’t that great? Something so simple- it could even be home made. After that, there are only a few household items that you will need to revive a floppy hat yourself.

Materials ♠

  • Spray Starch {I suggest heavy duty}
  • An Iron, or a Blow-dryer {The sun works wonders, too}
  • A Towel {optional}
  • A Foam Head {also optional}

       Of course, this list doesn’t include the ironing board that I do hope you have. Any who, I’ll explain the optional foam head/hat stand at the end of this post in the section titled; extra. Now, the instructions are simple; spray the floppy hat following the instructions on the starch spray, and press it with a warm iron. I prefer to use the highest setting, but be very careful not to ruin your hat! Use logic and caution when doing things, my dear. And, if you you don’t have an iron, {Or it’s just not drying proper} you can use a hair dryer/blow dryer. Heat it up; let it dry- *timer beep* done!


Easy peasy~!

Blowdry or iron it while on the foam hat stand

       And, if you have a wrinkled up bowl as I did with this floppy hat here, you can use the foam head to press on. Just allow this little head to fill in that hat of yours and press away. I feel that the blow/hair dryer works best for this, and the iron for the very top to flatten it out. If it’s not stiff enough you can repeat this process until you’re pleased! If you don’t have a little foam head, than try a small bowl with a towel wrapped around it. I’ve found that that works well, too.

       Floppy at last! But, not too floppy. How did you’re hat turn out? did it work out for you as it did for me? Let me know in the comments! I still have a bit more work I need to do with my hat, but this will do for the time being. My hat was sat upon so I may have to replace the brim wire- but, I’ll save that for another time! I hope all goes well for you! And, do let me know how it goes!

Until Next Time~!

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P.S. – I will not be held responsible for any ruined hats, irons, etc. Any advise you follow on my blog is at your own risk, so do take care of yourself and use common sense while completing ANY project!


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