The First of Many Mood Boards; The Birthday Mood Board

In celebration of the Pink blogger “Ladybug”

Mood boards are – for me – a pretty way to visualize different things. On a very basic level, mood boards are simply collages. These collages help me make my dreams and goals more attainable. They also help keep things in perspective. When I create my mood boards, I prefer for them to be very neat and orderly. I also like to print them out and put them in my planner when I can. This allows me to visualize my goals daily.

Over the summer, I had a lot of time to think. I thought about what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and where I imagined myself in the future. In the end I came to the conclusion, that I want to be a Lady- a true Lady – the Lady that God wants me to be. God talks about the importance of the woman and what she is supposed to be like. He talks about the type of woman that people admire and are drawn to, and I decided that I wanted to be what He has always intended for me to be.

The Pink Ladybug

September is the month that I turn 20. I turn over my 19th year. That may not sound like a big deal- and for all I know, one day I’m going to look back and think that, yes, this is silly- but, to me this is terrifying. I have so many insecurities. This is somewhat expected, I know, but it doesn’t make things any better. I had so many things that I wanted to do, before this time; before 20. Now I can’t do them. I can’t go backwards, I can only go forwards. With that in mind this year became a little bit drab for me. I made plans that quickly fell through and had so many road blocks. It was a major let down. I let myself down.

Yes, things do fall apart. However, I refuse to allow a few slip ups, and road bumps get in my way.

No, I’m not letting this be the end of me. I will become that woman God wants me to be and this year will be a chapter in the story of ‘The Pink Ladybug’. This chapter will encourage my future self and give me fond memories to hold on to. It will comfort me and show me that no matter what crazy unexpected things happen, I’ll get up; dust myself off; and keep skipping. So, Happy Birthday, Aja. Happy 20th Birthday.

Birhtday Mood Board 2017

As I was making this mood board I was thinking about all the pretty things that I adore. That of which I wish to surround myself with; and have slowly begun doing that. I thought about what I see myself as and what I aspire to be and placed it all together in a small square picture. It’s pretty, it’s pink, it’s me; The Pink Ladybug.

What I’ve learned

It has taken me so long to find comfort in the things that I love. I was a shy girl growing up. This made me feel so uncomfortable. So much so that I would try and prove I’m not shy by awkwardly attempting to break out of my comfort zone. As a result, I just felt more insecure and lonelier than I was prior to all of that. I felt uncomfortable and the most noteworthy effect was the fact that I lost balance in the end. After while I stopped caring- in a bad way. I cared too much, and then I didn’t care enough. Now, I’m finally at a place where I feel as though I can find balance.

When I got my concussion in July, it wasn’t severe, but it was enough to discourage me. We knew depression is a known side affect of concussions, but I didn’t think it would hit me so hard. I felt like all of my accomplishments over the last two months- all the goals that I was only weeks away from attaining- vanished. But, God is so good, He helped me to again find balance. And, that’s why this Birthday is going to be just as amazing as the previous 19.

Do you make Mood Boards? How do you use yours?

Until Next time~

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