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The Romper flopped....

Hello, Darling~!

       It seems that I’ve disappeared for a little bit, huh? I know I’m sorry- I’m horrible when it comes to keeping up with things {ah… I’ve finally admit it} but, I’m back again and want to catch you up on why I’ve been to distant. When summer comes around- and it will soon- I get suddenly overwhelmed with projects. I have a large wooden poster that I’ll be sharing with you soon, a romper, a 1940’s inspired ladies suit, a dress ensemble inspired by none other than Scotland himself, and I’m moving into a new room.

       I plan on sharing every single one of these projects. But, for the time being, I’m going to be trying to get myself together. Composition is a big deal to me, and that’s mostly because I am hardly ever fully composed. Any way, on to the most devastating news! The local fabric store is closing- the only one in my area. {*insert dramatic audible gasp*} Yes, it is unfortunate. I was quite upset upon finding this out, but just the other day, I saw a newer- larger, fabric store opening. So, this may not be so bad after all.

       However, there is another more frustrating issue. My Romper can’t and won’t be completed- at least not the way I wanted it completed. I messed up so big it is a shame. I graded the pattern wrong. I graded it vertically, but forgot to grade it horizontally. What a silly little mistake, that had a ridiculously tragic result! I don’t think I took pictures- it was too much for me once I noticed it. I was more than half-way done with it when I realized the issue. I ended up tossing it in the trash and leaving the sewing room for days. I hate wasted time and effort…

       The main plus is that the shorts are actually decent. I don’t have to worry about those. It was the bodice that upset me so. I have all my piece cut for my shorts, now I have to wait and figure out something else for the romper shirt. I’m thinking a classic white button down top and a belt. Or a tank top with “spaghetti” straps- although, I don’t like the idea of my shoulders out… Oh dear, what to do.

       Forgive me for not having pictures to go along with this post. I’ve been quite rushed lately. I know I’m getting better {health-wise, not blog-wise} but, it remains a constant. The brain fog has been horrid this month, and whatever virus/parasite I’m battling is putting up a good fight. Which is unfortunate, because no matter what it tries- I will win in the end~! ?

Until Next Time~!

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