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An Unfortunate Turn of Events

By February 15, 2016Journal, Uncategorized

Hello There…

Today I planned to share with you my progress on the dress I call “A Breath of Spring”. However, in life things are constantly changing. Plans can never be set in stone, and items and events are never really guaranteed.

Over the weekend I received some bewildering information. A relative of mine passed. She was young- and seemingly well- but I feel she was, in fact, ill. She left behind a loving little girl who is, perhaps, too young to understand; her darling mother who has lost yet again another child; and, of course, loving family…

I‘m hurt in more ways than I can express, and I feel like I have run out of time. I feel like I didn’t really get a fair chance to connect. I feel like something was forcibly torn from me…

However, I also feel at peace.

It’s odd really, because on the one hand I have grief, sadness, and pain. But, on the other I have peace, understanding, and hope. I have hope that she is well in her rest, and that she is with the LORD. That gives me so much peace.

I feel like a thunderstorm of tears will come spilling from my eyes. But, I continue onward- perhaps I can create something in her honor… We’ll see.

The dress I started on has a few fit issues, but I fear that it’s to late to fix it. Perhaps if 1 post some pictures | could get some help? But, we can discuss that Friday…

Until Then.

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