Hello, Darling.

I’m Aja, it’s a pleasure to

meet you!

I’m an artist of many scattered trades, talents, and interests- which makes it very difficult to stay on one topic exactly. I started off as a comic artist, my style Japanese. Now, I work as a (self-taught) graphic artist for a local company in my area. I extended into areas of sewing, crafting, and design a little after discovering Japanese comics.

My dear mother taught me how to sew when I was seven years old. I started with sewing doll clothes, and making little items. I began sewing for myself after learning about Japanese Lolita fashion. I wouldn’t say that I am solely “Lolita” or “Vintage” but a wonderful mix of my own style.

What I Can Do for You

The Constantly Updated List of Services

Graphic Design & Branding

My main form of “work”. I assist small businesses all over my area by crafting them a face for their business. We work together to create a brand that suits them and is pleasing memorable to their clients.

Custom Sewing

Fashion is a form of artwork that everyone has the opportunity to take part in. Together we can work to develop an outfit that both fits and flatters your body,  your style, and your budget.


As this is an ever growing list. ( I add to it everytime someone asks something of me.)

I’ve made my Dreams Goals,

And my Goals is a plans.

For a Plan puts a Dream within our Reach.

We have dreams and ideas that we wish to put in action everyday, but we all find it difficult to go after them from time to time. So, I’ve decided to document and go after each goal one by one. Every goal for this year and the next few are listed right here.

Philippians 4:13 KJV

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

3 Month Goals
  • Grow Businesses
  • Do more Freelance Work
  • Become more Organized
  • Send Pen-pal Mail
  • Design Brand
Year long Goals
  • Establish Brand & Business
  • Go to Korea
  • Completely Decorate Bedroom
  • Buy a Car
6 Month Goals
  • Be “Advanced Intermediate” Japanese
  • Be “Advanced Beginner” Korean
  • Be “Advanced Beginner” Chinese
  • Learn “Copperplate” Calligraphy
  • Sew Half of wardrobe
5 Year Goals
  • To Be Decided

Now you know a bit about Aja