Hello, Darling.

I’m Aja, it’s a pleasure to

meet you!

I love pink, mint, baby blue, lavender, yellow, and all those colors above beyond and in between. My mommy calls me Ladybug, but I love the title “Babygirl”. (Any, term of endearment will do, to be honest.) Now, I’m 19 years young and when I’m not being a big sister, studying Asian Languages, or drawing, I’m learning how to be the young Lady God wants me to be.

I started this blog as an online portfolio, but it soon turned into a platform for all of my projects and interests. I began studying etiquette and manners after learning about the compassion God wants us to have towards others. I learned so much about what it meant to be a true lady from all over, but came to find Gods word the ultimate guide. I am not yet where I would like to be, but I have gotten so much better. I hope that my blog can help guide other young women to becoming the young lady God has called them to be and show them that it’s okay to love pink.

What I Can Do for You

The Constantly Updated List of Services

Graphic Design & Branding

My main form of “work”. I assist small businesses all over my area by crafting them a face for their business. We work together to create a brand that suits them and is pleasing memorable to their clients.

Custom Sewing

Fashion is a form of artwork that everyone has the opportunity to take part in. Together we can work to develop an outfit that both fits and flatters your body,  your style, and your budget.


As this is an ever growing list. ( I add to it everytime someone asks something of me.)

I’ve made my Dreams Goals,

And my Goals is a plans.

For a Plan puts a Dream within our Reach.

We have dreams and ideas that we wish to put in action everyday, but we all find it difficult to go after them from time to time. So, I’ve decided to document and go after each goal one by one. Every goal for this year and the next few are listed right here.

Philippians 4:13 KJV

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

3 Month Goals
  • Grow Businesses
  • Do more Freelance Work
  • Become more Organized
  • Send Pen-pal Mail
  • Design Brand
Year long Goals
  • Establish Brand & Business
  • Go to Korea
  • Completely Decorate Bedroom
  • Buy a Car
6 Month Goals
  • Be “Advanced Intermediate” Japanese
  • Be “Advanced Beginner” Korean
  • Be “Advanced Beginner” Chinese
  • Learn “Copperplate” Calligraphy
  • Sew Half of wardrobe
5 Year Goals
  • To Be Decided

The Long Story

Where it all Began

When I was little, I loved pink. It was a generic baby girl color, and it just made me feel calm. My mother called me Ladybug; it was a sweet name that I didn’t start to like until I was about 11, and no longer afraid of Ladybugs. I was a dancer- like other little girls – doing ballet at 3 years old. I loved pretty, sparkly things and glitter, even getting it on me or cleaning it up was fun! I loved colors and designing cute clothes for my dolls, and dreaming of wearing them myself. That was Aja until she turned 7.

The Move Changed Things

We moved South, and I began to have a hard time fitting in. I was the odd, introverted artist, who was having a difficult time finding her place. At school, in the neighborhood- even at church I couldn’t break into any friendship circles. I just wanted friends; I wanted to fit in. It got to the point where I would study people and observe different things about them to try and make myself a more interesting person in their eyes. I tried so hard. I started giving up the things that made me who I was. For instance; Pink. I gave up pink. I gave up the notion that being “girly” was okay. I decided that if I wanted friends, I would need to become the friend that everyone wanted me to be. To be the tomboy that everyone thought was so cool, I would give up, painting my nails, wearing pink, walking around in my moms’ heels, and loving glitter. I would give up my favorite pass times, for people who didn’t even like me.

To be honest, I was always a “Tomboy”

I played sports, loved to dig up worms, enjoyed being rough, and liked to get dirty. It was enjoyable, and unavoidable, as I have an older brother, who would much rather wrestle than play “Barbie”. But, I didn’t know I could be both. So, I just became that cool tough girl and messed myself up. Because, it didn’t work. It didn’t make me friends. In fact, it just confused me more and more. Soon, I stopped caring about everything.

I was in the 5th grade when my mom pulled us out of school. I had already gone through teachers and students that would mistreat me. I decided to fully invest myself into art and surround myself with imaginary places and people to be with; it was more fun that way. I made a few aquaintences along the way- and a handful of good friends, but I still wasn’t happy. I still didn’t care the way I needed to.

Then, one day when I was 15 years old when I finally grasped this insane concept- that it’s okay.

That the things that I grew up loving, God made for me to love. The pink that I adored so much, He made for me. The glitter that reflected the light of the sun- He made that, too. And, all those wonderful flowers and gardens- He made them for me. He delights in giving to us, and all those years I spent trying to run from Him and his gifts. I gave it all up for people who I don’t even remember, and how never bothered to know me. I gave it up, for things that weren’t even real, and had no true value.

I slowly began to accept each gift- the weather, the wind, the trees, the flowers, etc. Then I started to surround myself with Him and those lovely things, and the healing began. I learned so much about myself, God, and the people around me. And, that is how I started this journey.

Now you know a bit about Aja