Two Long Weeks Away – A Tribute To All I Encountered On My Travels

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I would like to take a minute to thank everyone I encountered on my journey.

There were so many wonderful memories made in such a short amount of time. I may not be able to thank each of you to the extent that I would like to. And, we probably won’t be able to see each other as frequently as we would like. But, I want to take some time for you all anyway! I’m so glad I got to meet each and every one of you! When we first left I was so excited to go spend time with my Auntie. She is one of the most incredible woman in existence– and, to me, this cannot be argued. I was so ready to see her and my little cousin. While I was very ready to see them, I didn’t expect to be gifted with the experiences I was given.

So Many Beautiful Faces

There were so many lovely appearances, with a lovely array of names. Some little and barely above my knee, and others great and full of experience. The first of my wonderful memories starts on a large field surrounded by many sports. one of my favorites played behind me, and my least favorite in front of me. To keep the calm in my moms tent I took the kids to the nearby playground. What started with five very energetic little people, ended with 21 on the playground. That is an exaggeration of course, but that day I got to run around and be a kid again, while watching a few. So many jumped into our little game that I quickly lost count, but the fun remained.

They taught me how to remain firm but fun. They showed me my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me a sense of confidence. I learned that I am trusted by parents that I know and look up to (And… Some that I don’t know at all…). And, best of all you taught me how to be a kid again.

Thank you little’s for the lessons you all taught me. Thank you for sharing that wonderful memory with me!

Birthday Soup

I’m learning two languages at once; Japanese & Korean. While we were at my Aunties’ house, my parents went out to get some food and came across a Korean restaurant. My mother hunts for Bubble Tea- she has done so ever since I introduced it to her. So, when she found that they served bubble tea and a few other Korean sides she was ecstatic. I would have been, too~! She asked the owner if they had a soup that I’ve been wanting since last month. She was so shocked that someone would ask for that- let alone know what it was. After exchanging numbers,she ran home to prepare it just for us. We were so grateful. No ones done that for us before. It was a traditional soup and it’s usually eaten as a meal with family. Their family was so kind to us, and welcomed us so warmly.

Thank you for the wonderful soup, and for being so welcoming to us. I hope that I can return and see you all again soon.

The Reset I Needed

After Aunties house, we headed to my grandparents house the next state over. I’ll be very, very honest with you all; I don’t like going there. Seeing family is one of my favorite things- I love to see my grandparents! However, the location of the house makes me feel so trapped. Not this time, though. This time I was ready. Ready to focus on what I needed. The time I spent there allowed me to prepare for home, and for that I am thankful.

Majority of my time there was spent traveling. We got to see our uncle who is visiting from South Korea. Yes, I do want to go, and I am working on it- but this visit wasn’t about that. It was about him and My dad. They’re siblings and very close- just like Me and my sister. So, most of the time they worked on things around the house together. I didn’t get to speak to him as much as I would have liked, but that’s okay. Next time, God willing.

Thank you Mama & Pop for allowing us to come over and taking good care of us! Thank you for spending time with Dad, Uncle. He needed that!

A Meeting Long Awaited

On our 15 hour trek back to our home, we made a few stops. The best stop was to see my wonderful Aunt and cousins, Nya & James. I love this girl to the moon, around, and back again. James is someone I’ve always wanted to meet. I was so happy to see them for the first time in person. Nya and I speak almost everyday through text, and chat. However, meeting in person is what I’ve longed for ever since I was told of her existence. She is the only family that I talk to daily and the only person I a truly feel comfortable around. I wish I could have spent more time with her. Soon, we’ll spend weeks together. I bet we’ll be glued to each others hips!

Thank you, Nya, James, Auntie, and Uncle for having us, and allowing us a minute to speak to you all. I can’t wait to see you all again!

Until Next Time~

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