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Hello, Dear~!

It’s been a difficult week for me but, I ‘m getting by one step at a time. I whizzed through this dress in about four or five days. I worked at least 6 hours a day maximum was probably 15 {No, I’m not sorry, and I most certainly don’t regret it.} This was the first dress I’ve ever made for myself, and I’m glad I had my mother around to help with the fitting.

Day 1 ♠

The first round was interesting [Sorry, no pictures ?] . I created the original patterns jacket, which was the foundation on this entire dress. I learned that sleeves in the 60s looked lovely, but ultimately felt awful. They make you feel like a plastic toy. You’re arms are restrained in the strangest of ways and it looks a bit funny. I figured that that’s just the way the pattern was drafted, so I only made slight alterations to them.

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So, I cut out my patterns and basted everything together. I put together one sleeve just to test it and tried it on. See I marked out the majority of the future scallops and things. Then I had to move on to the lining. I used a nice feeling polyester chiffon that I found in my stash. Don’t be overly appalled with this, but I think this was intended to be a curtain… Hush, hush, don’t tell!

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I pressed the lining and also cut out the skirt lining. It was unusually difficult, but I got it done rather quickly. I then decided to use the rolled hem foot that my father got me for my birthday {?} to finish the lining. There was a lot of work so I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the underlining prep.

Day 2 ♠

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The next morning, I took pictures of last nights work. I did a whole lot of work, no?  I was satisfied with the results and moved on the to the sleeves. I basted the lining to the sleeves and then whip-stitched the scallop facing to the lining to insure that it wouldn’t flip out when I put my arm through. Then I eased the sleeves in, sewed up the side seams then pressed it. I didn’t want it to lose its much valued shape so I used an age old trick of mine. It’ll have to do until my Father and I create the pressing tools.

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Finally it was getting late and at the last minute I decided to go ahead and pick out the zipper for the skirt. I wasn’t sure if I should go darker or lighter. In the end I went with the lighter option. I went ahead and also started the invisible zipper sewing process. I’m doing it with a regular 7″ inch zipper, so I’m curious as to how it’s going to turn out.

       *Sigh* So, that’s the progress so far. I’m thinking that this is going to become a very regular thing for me. In fact, I’ve got a whole book of the fabrics in my stash and croquis sketches needing to be turned into a reality. I think I’ll have finished photos of me wearing it by next Friday.

Until Then~!

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