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Sweet Summer Romper/Playsuit

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Hello, Dear~!        Let me tell you, honey- originally I had no intentions of making a playsuit. It just wasn’t something I thought I needed until I was doing my daily Pinterest scrolling. I saw all these cute rompers every where. They were screaming 40’s and my heart bent for…

Socks On Feet

My First Pair of Socks

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Hello, Sweet Pea~!        I made socks. My first ever pair of me socks, for me. Isn’t that darling? They’re quite horrid, actually- the socks. Yes, they’re a mess. They have holes and it makes it all look quite miserable. 😅 but that’s fine for now. I also don’t like to…

Please, excuse the background...

Nautical By Nature: Sailor Shorts Completed

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Hello, Hon~!        Originally, I had planned on making some pants, because well… I only have skinny jeans at the moment {Dreaded Skinny Jeans!!!}. And, I want a more vintage look- VintageLolita sounds quite darling! Anyway, I only remembered purchasing enough denim for a single pair of nice pants. No muslin…

Shunshine Beach-Garden City-Mrtyle Beach

A Crippling Health

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Hello, Ducky~!        I missed you all so dearly! I have been on a long unexpected hiatus, and am sorry for that. But, I’m here to explain myself, or at least try my best. You see, I’m in a bit of a ‘medical’ mix up. I have several issues all…

How To Stiffen a Floppy Hat

How to Stiffen a Floppy Hat

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Hello, Sugar~!        I‘ve never opened with that one before~! Isn’t that a little something?Anyway, I figured that since it’s growing warmer & I’m making a sugary sweet pair of sailor shorts, I should work on my lovely floppy hat. I have a strong passion for hats. Derby hats, cloche…



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